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Adult Icon New Adult Icon Young Adult Icon


Action Adventure Icon Apocalypse Icon Contemporary Icon Dystopian Icon Fantasy Icon Historical Icon
Horror Icon Mystery Icon Paranormal Icon Quiltbag IconRomance Icon Sci-fi IconSuspense Thriller Icon


Dragons IconOthers IconShifters IconVamps IconZombie Icon


Cliffhanger IconDark IconDiverse IconFreaky IconHeartbreaking IconHotmess IconHumor IconKickass IconLight and Fun IconMixed Bag IconPageturner IconProblematic IconProgressive IconRefreshing IconRocked My World IconSmart and Funny IconSnarky IconSnoozer IconStatus Quo IconSquee IconTearjerker IconTokens 1 IconTrigger Warning IconTwisted IconUniqueWellwritten IconWTF Icon

Romance Factor

Instalove IconKinky IconLove Triangle IconSexy IconSwoon Icon


ARC Review IconeBook IconMust Read IconRants IconRaves IconWill Not Read Icon
Flat, colorful icons made by Parajunkee because they are awesome. The rest are created by me using Photoshop and images from

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