Broke Home Reviews: NAOREL Silicone Grill Mitts

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NAOREL - Silicone Cooking Gloves Green

Honestly, I've always been the "whatever, buy it from the dollar store" kind of girl. I'm ever so slowly upgrading the everyday household shit that gets overlooked. Like oven mitts.

I won't lie to you, these are not attractive but they are awesome.

We have a Foreman standing electric grill that we use inside for things like burgers and we were able to pick up the grill surface while it was still hot using these gloves. I didn't feel any heat while wearing them and my grip was strong.

And by we and I mean me and Roomie B, a 6 foot tall dude. We could both wear and use these gloves without a problem, as could my mother with smaller hands than me and arthritis. The extra room didn't affect us at all.

  • Fit me, mother, and Roomie B
  • Comfortable with inside lining
  • Really does protect your hand from heat
  • Great grip with the texture, but will crush small,delicate pieces of food
  • Easy to hang up with the loops, though you might want two hooks due to how thick the gloves are

And the bonus silicon brush:
We haven't used the brush yet, but I'm sure we will be soon enough.

$17 bucks is enough for me to weeble-wobble on buying something, but these are absolutely worth it.

I didn't realize how much I used oven mitts and how careful I had to be with mine. It's not a giant time sink, but I always had to adjust and fiddle and be extra sure where the mitts where at all times.

And those fabric gloves? Ugh, I HATE those. They can't drip anything for shit and feel so awful on my hands.

It's a small thing, but it's definitely an upgrade and makes me happy. Sounds terribly pathetic, but every spoon counts.

Getting better oven mitts should be on a list of "Make Yourself Look and Feel More Like An Adult, Even When You Really Aren't".


  1. I use a silicone oven thing (not gloves, just the little square, don't know what that's called). I loved it because it's easy to clean if anything gets on it. These gloves look awesome though! With the square thing you still have to fiddle with the grip and make sure your finger doesn't go over the edge or anything. And if I hold it too long, I feel the heat, but I guess the lining in these gloves must help with that.

  2. Yeah, the gloves with the lining keeps me from feeling anything at all.

    I can't believe I forgot to add how easy they are to clean! You are so right on that.

    Sounds like the squares are cool but the gloves are still an upgrade. ;D


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