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My 1st ARC August: My Book Piles & Goals

Brooke Banks | 12:00 AM | | 2 Comments

I've decided to join ARC August from Read.Sleep.Repeat.! This will be my first year joining and I'm really excited. I've got a couple lists of ARCs but some I have months to get to and some are waaaay past due. I'm going to try to hit as many as possible with focusing on one's about to be published (5) and one's I really missed the deadline on (4).

Honestly, with my reading habit, I'm not all that worried about the amount of books. The hardest part will be writing and posting the reviews in the same month. I take an extremely long time from drafts to publishing. All my reviews for July? From May and June.

Oy. But I'm going to keep this as fun as possible without being too hard on myself and ruining all the things.

Wish me luck! Now time to check my ARC stacks...

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Feature & Follow: Why I Write & Publish DNF Reviews

Brooke Banks | 12:00 AM | | | 10 Comments

Feature & Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. This week's prompt is....
What is your take on DNF books. Do you review them? Choose not to review them?

I ABSOLUTELY review books I did not finish. Why?

Because I did read it. I do have an opinion on it. I find DNF reviews useful.

I am an completionist and don’t give up easily so when I DNF its usually substantially into the book. I try. I put it down and come back to it. I try to reward myself for getting further. But you know what?

Sometimes it’s just not happening.

After torturing myself to continue books that I didn’t want to, I’ve decided to cut myself some slack. It’s not good for my mental health. My time and energy are worth more than this. Making my hobby, my passion, my escape, my release a trial is doing no one any favors. So I’ll be pickier about persevering and more forgiving towards myself.

Giving up isn’t failure. I tried. It’s not for me. I’m moving on. And that’s okay in itself.

But why do I write these reviews and make them public?

Part of it personal. It’s cathartic. My brain will continue to think about reviewing it no matter what. It allows me to release all the thoughts tumbling in my head and let it go. And once I write it, I have to post it. Otherwise I feel fake for hiding it.

Plus, reviewing is hard damn it. I want credit for what I do.

I don’t think it’s a waste of time or focusing on the negative. Processing what I felt and why helps refine my writing and reading choices.

All reviews are helpful. I purposefully seek out reviews on each part of the scale to make decisions. And even if the review is naysaying, that doesn’t mean it won’t have positive effects.

In the end, I ask myself why wouldn’t I write and post these reviews?

I can't come up with a single compelling reason not to. I'm just being my authentic self.

My DNF Reviews From Goodreads:

Brooke's bookshelf: dnf

Black City
did not like it
Twilight meets Romero & Juliet in Nazi Germany. They were completely obvious about it too. They did the same salute & everything. It's a miracle I made it to pg. 165. Gave up to save my sanity.
found-in-giveaways, insta-love, paranormal, regrets, young-adult, r...
The Casual Vacancy
did not like it
For the record: Yes, I read the blurb and everything. I knew what I was getting into. I wasn't expecting magic but there was no spark either, it's just dull following around small petty people for no apparent reason.

Yes, I knew these ...
dnf, adult, contemporary, and regrets
Fang Girl
did not like it
DNF: Made it to page 52.

I didn't find it funny at all. It was just too ridiculous, obvious, and on the nose for me. Oh well.
dnf, paranormal, vamps, urban, young-adult, and funny
did not like it
I won this ARC in a First Reads Giveaway. It was supposed to include the first book, Glitch but I received two copies of Override instead. Since my attempts to correct this went no where, it had to wait until I got around to getting Glit...
first-reads, young-adult, written-reviews, series, romance, regrets...
did not like it
DNF: Made it to pg. 90.
There were parts I enjoyed, like how Rook came across at first and called out that controlling ordering food for her red flag.
But she melted. Because of a “hot” creeper guy. She waffled. Her issues were no long...
dnf, new-adult, romance, regrets, trigger-warning, and written-reviews
The First Pillar
did not like it
Sorry, I really tried. I picked up and put down several times since I won it several years ago but couldn't make it past page 88.

It's just so...bland. The characters, the descriptions, there's no feeling and it's so convenient how Owe...
dnf, fantasy, young-adult, written-reviews, and won
The Other Boleyn Girl
did not like it
I tried reading this years ago when it blew up. I couldn't be bothered to care. I found it really dull and couldn't keep the players straight. Probably because I couldn't careless about it. I'd forgotten all about it until I read and rev...
adult, dnf, historical, romance, regrets, and written-reviews
To Walk the Night

Made to Chapter 14, pg. 104.

I don't know why. There wasn't anything really wrong with it. It was just another standard urban paranormal. Kat's a female Blade with her own wicked sword and a tech geek sidekick. The weres submitte...
dnf, vamps, weres, urban, paranormal, and adult
Demon Song
did not like it
After two books that wavered between "Meh, could've been better" and **disappointed sigh**, I only started reading Demon Song because it was the book I had on hand.

Work was dead and I finished everything with half and hour left of my ...
adult, dnf, written-reviews, weres, vamps, romance, paranormal, and...


Do you find DNF reviews helpful?

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